What Retirement Accounts Should I Invest In?

Learn what retirement accounts I recommend. Interview with J. Money. Stocks update. That Badass Money Handbook update and more!

What retirement accounts should I be investing in?

What retirement accounts should I be investing in?


How’s your week been? Spring is almost here, thankfully. My kids have a snow today! At the end of March!

I’ve got a ton on new stuff for you this week.

I’ve been busting away at new content for the site and creating new bonuses for That Badass Money Handbook which is coming soon.

I think I’ve finally got the blog where I want it to be as far as organization, so that it is easy to to find what you’re looking for. I’ve been getting lots of feedback on the site and I’ll be doing even more organization soon to make it super easy to find anything you need.

Next up is the Resource Page. It’s too messy, so I’ll be organizing it to make it much easier to look at and I’ll be adding many more new resources so that it will eventually become the go to place to find anything you need related to money.


Taxes are due April 17th… :(

If you haven’t already filed your taxes, I wanted to share how I file my taxes for free with an awesome app that makes it very easy to file your taxes.

Check out my new post that shows you how to file your taxes for free.


J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy is dropping some great money tips on us in my latest interview.

J. Money is an awesome personal finance blogger that creates great educational content while be very entertaining. If you haven’t check out his blog yet, it’s a great read.

Check out J. Money’s money tips right here.


We’ve had another strong run up on stock values so investors are taking the opportunity to sell some of their stocks to take some profits.

The minor pullback should be short lived and creates an opportunity to jump in if you haven’t already.

Facebook is having some issues at the moment. I own Facebook stock in the Badass Stock Portfolio and have been watching the situation. 

A app that used the Facebook platform took the information they pulled from Facebook users and used it for election data and advertising. Obviously not good. The stock has been dropping a lot.

I still think that Facebook is a solid company and stock due to the continued earnings growth. 

In addition, Facebook has huge potential in the future with their acquisition of VR / future AR company Oculus.

I think it’s still a good buy and the dip in value only creates more opportunity.


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More details to come soon!


Question: What retirement accounts should I be putting my money in?

Answer: This is a great question that applies to everyone. 

First off, if you work for a company, make sure you are contributing to the company 401k plan. Also, make sure you are contributing enough to get the full company match.

If you don’t work for a company, you can replace it with a Roth IRA.

Second, even if you do work for a company, make sure you are also investing in a Roth IRA.

Those are the two investment account I highly suggest for everyone to have. 401k and Roth IRA.

Everyone’s circumstances are different so always make sure you review your options and do research as there are circumstances where a IRA would be be better than a Roth IRA.

See you next week!

Dave | Creator of Let’s Automate Your Money