We Got A Trampoline!!

We got a trampoline!! It’s great, but the process of setting it up wasn’t so great. As usual, something that should have been so simple ends up being a pain! I’ll tell you in this post what happened and how it relates to money!

We Got A Trampoline!!

We Got A Trampoline!!


How was your weekend? We had a great weekend!

My wife, Krista, and I bought the kids a trampoline for Christmas and got to experience the joy of putting together a trampoline over the weekend. (Sarcasm)

It’s a lot of work!!

We spent a few hours Saturday to get the base trampoline up and then a few hours on Sunday to get the top netting up.

We end up getting everything up and we find out 1 little plastic piece is missing that holds up the top net.

Without it, the net simply hangs down and makes it unusable. :(

Thankfully Krista was able to rig it up with a bungie cord and get it at least usable for the kids until we get the right part.

Needless to say, they are loving it! Getting out that energy is always a positive. (Yes, Krista and I jumped on it too :0)

So, yesterday Krista calls Dicks Sporting Goods (where we bought it) and they tell her she will need to return the ENTIRE trampoline and they will give us a new one.

They expected us to take down the ENTIRE trampoline and return it just because it was missing 1 tiny little plastic piece! NO WAY!

So she calls the company who makes the trampoline and they said, “no problem” and are sending out the piece!

HUGE RELIEF… We did not want to tear down the entire trampoline, transport it back, and then build a new one all over again… :|

It’s amazing how one small piece can make so much of a difference. It got me thinking. (Yeah I’m crazy like that) Money is the same way.

You can be doing well in many areas of your money, but if one small piece is off, it can make a huge difference for the worse.

Do you have every aspect of your money running at 100%? Is one area off that could use some work and possibly make a huge difference in your life?

I’m starting off this year by starting over on my blog. I’m starting from the beginning and sharing the entire process of becoming a Money Badass from now until the end of the year.

For those of you who’ve been with me for a long time, I started a brand new series that began last week to teach you how to become a stock investing badass and that series will also continue throughout the year as well.

We have a TON of new email subscribers learning how to become a Money Badass! This site and email list started with only 1 person just a few years back and now we have over 1,800 people learning with us every week!

So to kick off the Money Badass journey series, here is the first blog post for the year on how to Become a Money Badass and step 1 in your journey!

— > What is a Money Badass?

Even if you’ve been around a while, I’ve been updating the journey every month so your sure to find all new info, strategies, and tactics!


Dave | Creator of Money Badass

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