The 10 Point Manifesto That Will Improve Your Money Mindset

This 10 Point Money Badass Manifesto will change the way you think about money. Download it for free below, print it, frame it, hang it, and live the Money Badass Lifestyle!

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I while back I took this course called, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Have you ever heard of it? It was amazing!

It’s teaches you how to live your life with purpose and create a path to accomplish what you want to do in life.

One of the best things we did in the class was create a personal manifesto. It’s basically a short document that describes very briefly what you stand for. I printed mine out, framed it, and put it on the wall.

Anytime I felt like I was loosing my focus, I could look at and get my head back on track.

Everyday I would see my manifesto and it would ensure that I lived the life I was suppose to.

So recently, I created a new manifesto just for my vision around money and this site. I called it the Money Badass Manifesto.

These are the values I believe that define a Money Badass. These values align with what it means to be a Money Badass who has a Badass Money Mindset and lives the Badass Money Lifestyle.

So without further ado, here is the Money Badass Manifesto:

The Money Badass Manifesto

A Money Badass:

  • Is not greedy with their money.

  • Makes as much money as possible for positive reasons.

  • Uses big banks, brands, and financial companies to their advantage.

  • Doesn’t buy or own things to impress others.

  • Avoids debt as much as possible.

  • Knows their money snapshot.

  • Understands that money is simply a tool to achieve life goals.

  • Automates their money as much as possible.

  • Enjoys theirs money because life is too short not too.

  • Makes Money. Manages Money. Invests Money. Like a Badass.

  • I am a Money Badass.

I also created a downloadable / printable PDF that I hang on my wall to remind me of what it means to be a Money Badass so that I never stray from the amazing path I’ve created.

You can download it for yourself here as well!

The Money Badass Manifesto

The Money Badass Manifesto

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