I want to teach you to be a money badass! Learn the 8 steps to become a total money badass in this article!

The 8 Steps to Become a Total Money Badass

The 8 Steps to Become a Total Money Badass


You ever see those guys driving a fancy Mercedes S class and wearing those expensive shades, thinking they are so cool? Most likely, they’re not a money badass.

In reality that guy is probably loaded up with debt on his car, his house, and even credit cards for those fancy clothes and shades he likes to wear.

Somewhere along the line in his life he built up an insecurity and feels like he has to prove his value to everyone else by trying to flaunt expensive items whether he can afford them or not.

Ultimately, instead of being a money badass, he’s probably just a money douche...

A money badass doesn’t need to flaunt their money. A money badass is in total control of their money. They don’t rely on flaunting wealth. They are confident in themselves.

They have the money they need and are happy.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you really want a Mercedes S class and you actually have the money to buy it, go for it!

Whatever you do, though, don’t buy one to prove something to everyone else and then bury yourself in debt doing it.

You should buy a Mercedes S class if you love the car. You’ve always dreamt of owning that car. You can afford the car.

You should not buy a Mercedes S class if you want to look cool to others, or you want to flaunt fake wealth, or you cannot truly afford the car.

Money Badass


I’m going to be totally blunt right now. Who gives a fuck what others think about you?!

The only thing that matters is that you love who you are and are comfortable with what you have.

Don’t ever buy something to impress somebody, because, who gives a fuck what they think about you?

They don’t pay your bills, they don’t control your happiness, only you do.

Confession time:

I use to own a Mercedes and I owned it for all the wrong reasons. I was trying to flaunt my fake wealth. I was trying to impress others. I wasn’t confident in myself. I gave a fuck about what others thought.

So how did that go for me? Not well.

I didn’t truly love the car. I’m not much of a car guy in the first place. I’m more of a tech guy.

Even with the car being used, the monthly payments were still huge! What was a real shocker was the car repairs!

I had no idea how expensive repairing a Mercedes was. They jacked up the prices on all their parts and it needed a lot of repairs!

The repairs alone we’re bleeding me dry. The car was costing me a fortune.

I could barely afford to take make payments and keep up the maintenance. I was drowning and to make it all even worse, I didn’t even really like the car!

I was making myself struggle with a car that I didn’t even like all to impress others!

I finally realized I was a money douche! I gave a fuck about what others thought and it was costing me!

If was an extremely valuable lesson for me. When I finally realized it, I called my step dad who is a car salesman at Toyota. I took it down there and traded it in ASAP and got a slightly used Toyota Prius.

Now this was more my style. It was reliable, affordable, and got me from point A to point B for very cheap. This was good. I was finally happy with my car.

I still have it and I love that little car. It makes me happy and that’s all that matters because I don’t give a fuck what others think anymore.

That’s what you need to be a money badass.


The journey is challenging, but so worth it. The transformation from being controlled by your money to being in total control of your money is an amazing feeling.

I’ve taken that journey and the feeling of total control and freedom is amazing. I can proudly say that I’m a Money Badass and proud of it.

I’ve built confidence and happiness I just didn’t feel was possible years ago.

So let’s get to it. Here are the steps to become a Money Badass:

  1. Build a Badass Mindset

  2. Do a Money Discovery

  3. Track Your Money and Net Worth

  4. Create a Badass Budget

  5. Conquer Your Bills

  6. Kill Your Debt

  7. Save Some Money

  8. Live the Money Badass Lifestyle

Each step takes you one stop closer to becoming a total Money Badass! This chart breaks down the Money Badass experience levels:

The Money Badass Journey.png

Money Badass Journey Experience Chart

Build a Badass Mindset


You need to have a badass mindset. Stop worrying about what others think of you. Who gives a fuck what they think? The only thing that matters is what you think. Don’t spend your life trying to make others happy. Spend your life making you happy.

I’m not saying you can’t help others or give to charity. If it would make you happy to help others that are struggling. DO IT! However, DON’T buy shit just to impress others. You are on your journey to be a Money Badass and you have to start thinking like a Money Badass.

Say it with me, “I’m a Money Badass and I don’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks about me.” Don’t be shy!

You need to start saying this everyday! Each day you will build just a little bit more confidence in what you are thinking and saying. By the end of your journey it will be 100% true.

You also need to start behaving like a Money Badass. Every time you buy something, ask yourself, am I buying this to make me happy or am I buying this to impress or make someone else happy?

If it’s not for you, DON’T DO IT!

Once you begin to think like this, everyday your confidence will skyrocket and you will feel amazing because you are becoming a total Money Badass and overcoming your money limitations.

Money Discovery


Once you begin building the mindset of a Money Badass, you need to start taking control of your money. Remember, you are in control of your money, not the other way around. A Money Badass knows all the details of their money. They know where it is at, what’s coming in, what’s going out etc. They take action on their money.

To do this, list out everything you can think of:

  • Bank Accounts

  • Physical Assets

  • Debt

  • Investments

  • Income

  • Expenses

  • Bills

You need to understand your current money situation before you can take it to the next level and be a Money Badass.


Track Your Money and Net Worth


Once you’ve discovered your entire financial picture, you don’t stop there. Now you need to track your money. It’s very powerful to have all of your finances broken down to 1 sheet you can quickly glance over. A Money Badass will know how much they have in all their accounts with a quick glance. That’s power over your money.

Imagine this scenario:

You are out with your friends on a Saturday night. One of your friends suggest hitting the comedy club downtown. A non money badass will think, “I hope I don’t get declined at the ticket counter,” or they grab that credit card again and just add to ever growing pile of debt they have.

The Money Badass will know exactly how much money they have and if they can afford to go to that comedy club. That’s the difference between someone who is in control of their money and those who are not.

In addition to tracking their money, that Money Badass will be know their Net Worth. No, it’s not some financial term for billionaires. It condenses your entire financial health into 1 number. Everyone should be using it and you can bet a Money Badass will know their Net Worth.

This is all there is to it:


Your net worth is an amazing number to track and will show you where your finances are going, good or bad. A Money Badass is always increasing their Net Worth.

Create a Badass Budget


Budgets are not bad. I repeat budgets are not bad. In fact, they really are a requirement to be a Money Badass. It would be really difficult to truly manage your money without a budget.

I’ll tell you something else as well. They are not as hard as everyone makes them out to be. A simple budget can be life changing and takes very little work to setup and maintain. That’s what I call a Badass Budget.

They can be as simple as a pen and paper or a fancy app, it’s up to you, but the bottom line is a Money Badass has some kind of budget.

They know how much money is coming in and where it is going by tracking all of their income and expenses. On top of that, they also are setting Goals and working to achieve them.

I’ll give you another scenario. Someone who is struggling money really wants to take a trip to New York City, but every month they come up short. They claim they just can’t make enough to even start to save up for that trip. Or maybe they just put it all on a credit card and go further down the debt hole.

Now, here is what a Money Badass does. They create a goal for the trip to New York City. They figure out how much the whole trip would cost. The gas, the hotel, the dining out, the fun excursions, etc. They take the number and divide it by 12 months, because they want to take that trip in 1 year.

They adjust their budget to make sure they have the money they need to set aside for that vacation. Every paycheck they deposit that money in a special account for their big vacation. 1 year later they are enjoying a wonderful vacation in New York City with no money stress or issues. That’s a Money Badass.

Conquer Your Bills


Bills suck. That’s why you need to be in control of them. At first that Netflix subscription doesn’t seem bad and then you add on Spotify. Next you add a new Verizon plan to your bills. Don’t forget your phone. You're making monthly payments on your latest phone.

That’s how bills add up like little leeches on your bank account.

A Money Badass reviews all those leaches monthly and know what's sucking on their bank account. They minimize those bills down to what they need and what they truly want.

On top of that, they know when all those bills are coming due. They don’t let them suck money out of their accounts at will. They pay their bills on their terms and not the companies. That’s a Money Badass!


Kill Your Debt


Debt is a drain on our generation. It’s shoved down our throats from the day we turn 18 and that is plain wrong. Credit cards, student loans, car loans, it’s never ending. Other than a mortgage or debt out of absolute necessity, it’s just not good to take on debt.

A Money Badass doesn’t fall for that. They don’t take on debt if they can avoid it, and if they have it, they are killing it bit by bit.

So how does a Money Badass kill their debt? List out all of your debts and prioritize them from lowest to highest balance. Create a plan to pay minimum payments to all debts but the one with the lowest balance. That’s your focus debt. Pay as much as you can towards that debt.

You might be saying, “I don’t have enough money to do that though!” When you create a budget and examine your bills you will have to make some hard decisions about eliminating any expenses you don’t need. By doing this you will free up extra money that you didn’t have before to tackle any debt you have faster.

It will take time, but it is a great feeling to know your debt is being killed bit by bit.


Save Some Money


Saving money is critical to being a Money Badass. If you don’t save some money, you’re living paycheck to paycheck and that’s not good. One emergency and you’re struggling to pay the bills and probably falling back on the credit card to get by which just buries you further into debt.

A Money Badass doesn’t live that way. They’ve got savings and when an emergency pops up, as they always do, they simply use their savings to get through it.

So, how do they do it? Goals and budgets. Start with a small goal and figure out how much you’ll need to save each month to hit the goal in 3 months, 6 months, or whatever time frame you can afford.

Money has to be set aside in your budget for savings every paycheck or every month. That money should be transferred to another account if possible so you don’t touch it unless you need to. There are even some really cool apps that automate the whole process for you.

Start small with your goals. Here are some the goals in order of priority that a Money Badass shoots for:

  1. $1,000 Emergency Fund

  2. 1 Month of Living Expenses

  3. 3 Months of Living Expenses

  4. 6 Months of LIving Expenses

  5. 1 Year of Living Expenses

This takes time, sometimes lots of time, but a Money Badass is always taking small steps towards their goals no matter how long it will take.


Money Badass.png

Life is good for a Money Badass. They have control over their money. They can take vacations without going into debt. Buy things they want without struggling to pay the bills. It’s an amazing way to live that has been crushed by modern debt companies, banks, and employers paying terribly low pay.

You can beat them though. I’ve beat them and you can too!

Once you’ve completed the first 7 stages of the Money Badass, it’s time to take it and live it to make sure you stay a Money Badass. This is done with habits.

Have you ever heard of Jerry Seinfeld's don’t break the chain productivity method? If you haven’t, he keeps a calendar and every day marks a large X over that day once he has completed his daily goal. He makes sure to never break that chain of X’s.

I use the same method and Money Badasses use this method. Every day you need to:

  • Review your tracking and net worth

  • Review your budget

  • Review your bills

  • Review your debt

  • Review your savings

  • Mark your calendar with X

Sometimes changes need to made. Sometimes all is good. A Money Badass knows their money situation due to their daily review.


The Money Badass journey takes time and action, but you can do it!

The transformation from being broke and feeling helpless to being a Money Badass is one of the most satisfying and life fulfilling journeys you can take.

Don’t let another day pass by without doing something about it! Start today! Tell yourself, “I’m a Money Badass,” and get started right now!

David Shepherd