The 7 Apps You Need to Automate Your Money

The 7 Apps You Need to Automate Your Money

We live in an amazing time. Smartphones and computers make it so easy to do things in minutes that would have taken hours or even days long ago. 10 years ago if I wanted to pay my bills I had to sit down at a desk with the bill, write a check, write out the addresses on an envelope, stamp it, and put it in the mailbox.

That was for 1 bill! Imagine doing 10 of those every month! What a waste of time...

Today I do nothing. I'm not exaggerating. As I sit hear typing this it is the 1st of the month. Earlier this morning I got an email saying payments had been sent to each of my payees.

I did nothing this morning! My bills are automatically taken care of through an automated process I put in place years ago.