New Q&A about building a habit to keep your budget on track. Update on my stock and cryptocurrency investments. Brand new budget guide for the new year!

Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Budget Mania!

Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Budget Mania!

Hey Money Badasses!

How are you? 

It’s been another great week here in Cincinnati! It’s actually my birthday today so I’ll be enjoying some pizza and presents with the family tonight. Like a kid, I still I can’t wait to see what I’m getting! :)


This has been another amazing week in investments. The end of year rally is going strong!

My Badass Stock Portfolio is still booming. In fact, as long as the rally continues through the end of the year, this will be my best performing year in my history of doing stock investing.

Here’s a screenshot of the Badass Stock Portfolio performance for the past year:

Badass Stock Portfolio

Badass Stock Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies are doing amazing as well. I’m still very early in my experiments in investing in this area, but so far I’m up about 63%. 

Great start, but really hard to tell if it will pull back as the initial investing bubble busts or if it will just continue to rally through next year.


Christmas is that time of year where people often blow their budgets. Don’t give up, start January on the right track if thats the case.

If you don’t have a budget yet, nows the time to make one. January begins a new year and a new budget is a great way to start your new year financially responsible.

To help you start the new year right, I have a brand new guide up on the site for you:

How to Budget in 5 Steps Without Expensive Software or Apps


Ok guys, here is this weeks Q&A.

QUESTION: How do I empower discipline? How do I stick with a budget?

ANSWER: This is hard for everybody, but there are tricks to get in the routine and build a habit. 

Here’s the best way I’ve found to do that. Grab a good paper calendar and black marker.

Jerry Seinfeld revealed a while back his method of staying consistent on anything. Its pretty good and lots of people, including myself, have used it successfully. 

Everyday review your budget and make sure you are spending within your limits. Next, put a big X on that day. Do this every single day. Your goal is to never break that chain. It’s amazing how effective this is.

There are apps that do this as well of course, it just depends on what works for you. 

After about a month of doing this, you will develop a habit. Once that habit is developed it generally sticks, but I don’t stop tracking my progress. It’s psychological rewarding to see that chain progress as you build the habit!

So there you have it! That’s my favorite way to empower discipline and stick to my budget.

Keep sending in those questions guys and I’ll keep answering them.

Stay Badass!