This Money Tip Is Almost Too Easy

Managing your money like a badass doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact a simple weekly habit can make a huge difference in your financial life. Check out this simple money tip to improve your money game!

This Money Tip Is Almost Too Easy!

This Money Tip Is Almost Too Easy!

This Money Tip Is Almost Too Easy!

I’ve been busy creating new stuff, because my #1 goal is to provide you with great value and to help you become better with your money.

To do that I’ve been busy working on a new blog post guide for you about stock investing. Not only that, I’ve been editing and putting together the final draft of my upcoming book, Money Badass! I can’t wait to get it out to you!

I do have to take some time off from work of course and my wife and I started a new thing with our kids that has been really cool.

We’ve always done date night every 2 weeks together and that’s always a great time, but we just started doing a date night with each of our kids too and it’s been awesome!

Each week I take out 1 of our 4 kids and then she does the same the following month. It’s been a great 1 on 1 bonding time and it has noticeably improved our relationship with the kids!

Our daughter and I got Menchie’s yogurt and rocked out some Candyland and Connect 4! :) The boys wanted to go to Adrenaline trampoline park. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s crazy… Tons of trampolines and foam pits! Reminds me of my childhood plastic ball pits at Chuck E Cheese but on steroids!

I started thinking about it and it seems like you have to dedicate some 1 on 1 time with everything in your life to improve it. That includes your money.

Make sure your spending some 1 on 1 time each week with your finances to make sure everything is on track. Just like real relationships, you won’t improve your financial situation by ignoring it. You have to spend some time with your finances to make sure they are improving no matter how automated you make your money.

In fact, I teach all about how to build good Money Habits in Money Badass Academy 2.0. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can sign up here.

Look for a brand new blog post guide next week! Talk to you then!

Dave | Let’s Automate Your Money

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