Easy Money Saving Life Hacks For Your Home

Douglas Keller from Peak Personal Finance has a great guest post to show us how to save a bunch of money just by making simple changes at home! Check it out below and save some money!

Easy Money Saving Life Hacks For Your Home

Easy Money Saving Life Hacks For Your Home

Easy Money Saving Life Hacks For Your Home

When we think of home, typically our first thoughts are about our families and our belongings. It’s not often that we see it for what it truly is: one big opportunity to save. With so many appliances and devices humming and beeping, along with the amount of time we spend within it, there are so many things that we come in contact with that cost us. Beyond that, often it is the habits that we fall into around that house that also end up picking our pockets. And while taking steps to counteract this can be taken, there are easier methods for boosting savings within your home. For your consideration are several hacks for building up your funds without breaking a sweat.

Don’t Memorize Your Credit Card Info

For some people, free time plus internet access makes for the perfect opportunity to do some online shopping. And though we may not always be looking for anything in particular, sometimes simple browsing is all it takes to stumble across something desirable. In those moments, a few easy clicks followed by the input of credit card information is all it takes to spend your money. This process becomes even easier when you know your credit card information by heart as the time it takes for you to make purchase can decrease drastically. As a whole, relying on card payments instead of cash is one way to spend more than you anticipate but knowing your card information takes away the valuable seconds we sometimes need to realize we don’t actually want to purchase something. To start saving at home, be sure to keep from memorizing your credit card information.

Adjust The Water Heater

If saving was as simple as making a single switch you wouldn’t even notice, it’s likely that you would make the change in a heartbeat. This isn’t just fiction either as making a small adjustment to the hot water heater within your home can actually help you start saving. This is because for those with a hot water tank, the most common type of hot water heater, the water temperature is maintained to enable your faucets and appliances can be supplied with hot water instantly. This comes at a cost though and can be a major contributor to a high electric bill, especially when people have the habit of running water. Usually hot water heaters are set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit but by decreasing them to 120 degrees, you can continue to get warm water for a reduced cost. It’s also safer as it hinders your water’s ability to reach scalding temperatures.

Keep Pot Lids On

Though the expense of cooking is often believed to be the cost of ingredients, the actual act of preparing a meal can have other unseen costs as the process of preheating, cooking, and cleaning all contribute to the grand total. Looking no further than the stovetop, there is an easy way to start cutting into that cost. As you cook with pots, do the simple thing of putting a top on them as you bring their contents up to a boil or simmer. This works as a money saving hack because it keeps the pots’ heat from escaping which allows you to be more efficient with your food preparation. Your meal will cook faster and less warmth will escape into your home which will keep you from having to take pricey action to cool things off.  

Hosting a Get Together

Going to social gatherings in the homes of others can make for a great time but when it is on us to host, the experience may not be quite so pleasant. Not only can it require a considerable amount of time and energy to get the necessary items and ingredients, it has a financial cost as well. One good thing about hosting however is that there are numerous places where corners can be cut that put some money back into your pocket. For starters, change the time of your gathering to the afternoon. This will allow you to skimp out on some of the money you would have had to pay for food and other traditional evening event expenses, like alcoholic beverages. You can also enlist the help of your reusable plates, cups, and silverware so that you don’t have to go and buy paper and plastic versions unnecessarily. Above all else, making the party a potluck can save you a considerable amount while allowing guests to bring their own unique creations to show off to others.


Reading has always been referred to as a wholesome activity that is great for tapping into the imagination sending the mind racing. Far less frequently is it referred to for another one of its benefits: saving you money. There are several reasons for this but first and foremost, reading requires so little. Once you have your book and a decent source of lighting, you can spend hours engrossed by a story. And because books don’t require electricity(unless you’re using a tablet to read), you’re able to save on energy. Reading outside of your home will help you to save even more. And with a public library card, thousands of title are availables to you for no cost whatsoever. You may even have access to DVDs that can be taken out free of charge. Because of its many benefits, reading is one activity to consider adopting to save some green at home.

Douglas Keller has been a financial expert for 20 years, helping people reach financial stability. He now provides personal finance tips on his blog Peak Personal Finance, where he helps people save money on their bills every month.

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