Are you constantly getting fee'd by your bank? Bank fees suck and there is a better way to bank. Learn how to stop getting fee'd by the big banks for good in this post.



Are you paying bank fees or have payed them in the past? How much are you paying a month? How much are you paying annually?

It adds up quick.

When I was younger, I was no stranger to bank fees. My mom actually worked in the accounting department at the credit union I had a checking account at. You know where I’m going with this.

I was young, money dumb, and broke. I tried to keep my balance positive, but it wasn’t happening. I can remember my mom giving my a little lecture every time I got hit with an overdraft fee.

Bank fees suck. You know that, I know that, everybody knows that.

Here’s something you may not know. They are total bullshit.

Bank fees are made up by banks to suck money out of your account and add it to their profits. 

Don’t believe me?

My first big “adult” job was working in IT for a credit union (very similar to a bank). I sat in on meetings regarding how to setup our computer system for fee’s. They were all made up.

It cost nothing for us to allow you to overdraft your account. BAM!! $39 overdraft fee!

It cost nothing for us to reject a requested withdrawal due to lack of funds in your account. BAM!! $39 NSF fee!

Does this piss you off? It should, it sure pissed me off when I found it. I couldn’t believe these companies we are trusting our money to were trying to find ways to legally steal from my account.

I wondered how they could legally or ethically do this. Eventually I realized, it’s capitalism.

It get’s worse. Banks deposit incoming money into your account on a schedule. They also send out money on a schedule. They purposely send money out of your account first before depositing money into your account to try and make your account go negative so they can blast your account with… you guessed it! Another fee!


Many years ago, before our time, banks worked with us. They basically partnered with us.

Us people needed a place to keep our money safe and guaranteed by the government. Banks needed money to lend out to people to make money on the interest rates.

It was a mutually beneficial agreement between us and the local bank. Times have changed BIG TIME.

Wall Street got involved, big banks have become more and more powerful.

It went from a partnership to the banks basically bending us over and taking as much money as they could from our accounts.

Here are some of the WORST BANKS for fees that are well known:

  • Fifth Third Bank

  • Well Fargo Bank

  • US Bank

  • PNC Bank

  • KeyBank

  • Citizens Bank

  • Citibank

  • Chase Bank

  • BBVA Compass

  • Bank of America

If you are at any of these banks, I would highly suggest you consider ditching them. They are truly garbage banks. They don’t partner with you. They take advantage of you.


There are tons of fees you can get hit with. Here are just some of them:

  • Overdraft Fee

  • Non Sufficient Funds Fee (NSF)

  • ATM Fees

  • Returned Mail Fee

  • Paper Statement Fee

  • Account Closing Fee

  • Monthly / Annual Maintenance Fee

  • Minimum Balance Fee

  • Money Order Fee

  • Check Cash Fee

The list could go on. These are total bullshit fee’s. Like I said before, this is not partnering with your customer. This is plain and simple, taking advantage of your customer.

Here is how bad these fees are.

I’m sure your well aware of what these overdraft fees are, but if not heres an example. Let’s say you pay your bills and have $100 left in your account.

Next, an automatic withdrawal for your car insurance comes out for $120 that night you forgot about. You’re account goes negative and BAM! They charge you a $39 overdraft fee.

You’re basically getting charged $39 for a $20 loan. On top of that, they do it multiplies times if you have multiple transactions.

Your broke, struggling to get by and their simply raping you in fees. It’s total bullshit. If our government truly worked for us, this would be illegal. 

If you’ve got a bank fee you can call the bank and tell them that a mistake was made and ask them to reverse the fee. They’ll usually do this 1 to 3 times for you. After that you may be out of luck.

This is why I’m recommending you ditch those terrible banks and get a bank that actually partners with you and doesn’t charge these outrageous fees.


Yes, no fee banks do exist! It is possible to escape those horrible banks. It blew my mind when I found out.

My fiancé, Krista, and I made the switch from a traditional bank / credit union a year ago and we love it!

We made the switch from US BANK and USAA to SIMPLE. Yes, the bank is literally called SIMPLE and it’s name does match the experience.

Simple Logo

Simple Logo

SIMPLE has no traditional bank fees and switching to that from US BANK’s hideous fees is life changing to say the least.

It’s an incredibly liberating experience to live with no bank fees.

Here’s SIMPLE’s list of fees: (Spoiler Alert: There are no fees)



SIMPLE is one of the first US fee free banks. I’ll admit it. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the time we have been SIMPLE has been better than we thought it could be.

I can say that since we have been with SIMPLE we have had no fees as expected.

SIMPLE also has most of the features of the big banks (minus the fees). A great app to control your banking experience with lots of features.

If you do need physical cash they have over 40,000 ATM’s across the country. If you get a physical check you can scan it in on the app. In other words, it works great.

If you want to fight the fee’s of the big banks check out SIMPLE. Open a free account and try it out. If you like you it, can easily switch transfer your money from your old bank to SIMPLE.

Fight the fee’s and check out Simple right here. Sign up via this link and use your debit card and SIMPLE will give you $20!