How To Request A Raise And Get It

How To Request A Raise And Get It

How To Request A Raise And Get It

How To Request A Raise And Get It

If you’ve worked in your current role 1 - 3 years or more and have performed well you most likely could get an increase in your income right now.

To do this you will need to either email or setup a 1 on 1 meeting with your manager depending on what is normal for your company and manager, or simply what feels best for you. Next, it’s time to get prepared.

No matter if you’re emailing or meeting with your manager, you need to sit down and write a letter to your manager. You’ll be able to email it if you choose that route, otherwise you will need to study it for your meeting.

Here’s what you’ll need to put in it:


Tell your manager upfront what you are requesting. Tell them how much of a raise you deserve and that you will explain why.

Current Level

Describe your current pay rate and what role you are in.

Increase in Responsibility

Describe the additional responsibilities you have taken on since you began working in this role.

Increase in Experience

How has your experience increased since you began your role? Have you worked with new tools or new processes?

Increase in Education, Certifications, or Trainings

Have you completed new training, completed a certification, or completed more formal education? If so, how have you implemented what you have learned in your role?

Positive Performance Reviews

Describe the positive performance reviews you have received since you began working in your role.

How You Have Helped The Company

What have you done in your role that has had a positive impact at the company? Be specific.

For example,

I have completed XYZ project which has increased company revenue by $100,000 per year.

This could be a task or project that led to an increase of revenue, decrease in expenses, more efficient process, etc.

Here is a template:

I (POSITIVE ACTION) that has helped the company by (POSITIVE RESULT).

This part is very important. It shows explicitly how you are helping the company and gives a real reason to justify your pay increase.

Market Value

Next, you’ll need to review around 3 salary sites to determine what the market value of your position is with your education and your number of years of experience. Some popular resources are and

Take a screenshot of the Market Values and place it in your email if you are emailing, or print it out if you are meeting with your manager.

You should be able to get the median value and even higher if you can provide examples of how you have specifically helped the company in the previous section.


Wrap up your request again with what you are asking for and summarize the reasons why from the previous sections.

I have used this exact outline to ask for and receive raises many times throughout my career and you can do it as well.