How Much Money Do You Need To Make Money In Stocks?

Ever wonder how much you should invest to make money in stocks? How much you’ll need to make life changing money? I’ll show you how much in this post!

How Much Money Do You Need To Make Money In Stocks?

How Much Money Do You Need To Make Money In Stocks?

How Much Money Do You Need To Start Making Money In Stocks?

One of the most common questions I get is, how much money do I need to start investing in stocks?

Back when I started investing in stocks for the very first time I invested $500, because that was the minimum to open a stock trading account back in those days.

Today, it’s much different.

Robinhood makes it easy to start investing with a small amount of money and no fees.

Yes, you can start investing today with a $100 dollars or less, but if you want to make money in stocks, especially, big money. You’re going to need to invest some serious money to get it rolling.

First off though, you need to determine how much you are going to invest.

I suggest starting off small. $100 - $1,000 is a good starting point.

I wouldn’t go crazy and jump off the cliff by depositing $10,000. Don’t go mortgaging a house or borrowing money to invest. That’s not a good idea…

There is a learning curve in everything and that includes stock investing. Start with a small number that you could afford to lose.

I’m not saying you are going to lose that money, but that helps you to think about how much you should be investing. You’ll most likely make money, but you have to be cautious.

Use your own money, don’t borrow money. This is your training wheels phase and you don’t want to be using other peoples money to learn.

I highly suggest settling in on a number between $100 and $1,000 before you go any further.

Lock in on your number. How much are you going to invest?

How Much Should I Invest To Make A Lot of Money?

Now, I would never suggest you start investing today with $10,000 when you are still learning how to invest in stocks, but if you want to start making some serious, life-changing money in stocks, you’re going to have to go full fledge in.

$10,000 is a good starting point to begin making some serious money in stocks. You’ll often have $1,000+ days and it’s an awesome feeling to make that much in one day through passive income.

With $10,000 you can easily make average jobs pay for the day if the markets are doing well and you know how to invest properly!

Plus some of my favorite stocks are over $1,000 per share, so you can’t even get access to them when you have $500 to work with for example.

Don’t get discouraged. You’ll be absolutely amazed at how fast a small investment can start can grow in your stock account too much larger numbers.

$10,000 may feel far off, but it is very reachable with consistent investing, contributing, and the resulting growth.

So, start small to learn, but also start saving some money to really boost your investment account quickly to reach the higher numbers and really begin making serious money in stocks.

How Much Should I Contribute Monthly?

Next, you’ll need to decide how much you want to contribute to your stock investing account each week or each month.

In the beginning, contributions have a big impact on your growth. Once you have a significant amount of money in your account contributions won’t affect your returns as much, but in the beginning they are very important to help build up your stock portfolio fast.

Everybody’s budget is different, but you’ll want to contribute as much as you can afford to build up your portfolio as fast as possible.

You’ll have to determine what you can afford to invest, but ideally $100 per month is a good starting point. If you can afford more that’s even better. If you can’t afford $100 per month, that’s ok. Do what you can.

$50 per month is better than $0.

Choose how much you want to contribute each month to your stock account.

Later, I’ll show you how to stretch those dollars to make $1,000 of investing money have the power of $2,000 of investing money and so on as you grow your account.

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