How I Got Started In Stock Investing

A rock band, a beautiful cabin in the woods, and a successful stock investor. This is the story of how I got started in stock investing and the inspiration that pushed me to make over $100,000 in the stock market. Read this post to learn more!

How I Got Started In Stock Investing

How I Got Started In Stock Investing

How I Got Started Stock Investing

I can still vividly remember the first time I realized I really wanted to get into stock investing.

My friends and I were invited to a party through friends of friends to play some music. I was in this rock band shortly out of high school and we would play at parties from time to time so we agreed.

That night we packed up our gear and headed out to the party.

I can still see the house in my mind to this day.

We pulled off the main road onto a little gravel driveway that lead back into the woods. We followed the road in the darkness and after a short ride we saw lights through the woods as we arrived at the house. It was a big beautiful log cabin back in the woods.

We could hear voices in the distance. We walked up to the front door and knocked. An older guy in his forties answered. He welcomed us and invited us in. As we followed him I looked around at the interior of the cabin with intricate wood beams and tall rock fireplaces. It was a beautiful home nestled in the woods. I loved the design of the house.

He lead us to the rear patio door and took us out to a huge sprawling deck with with lots of people mingling and talking to each other. The deck overlooked a small river that flowed by, surrounded by nothing but woods. It was an amazing picture!

I asked a friend what does this guy do for a living to get such a beautiful piece of property as we setup our gear? He replied. “He’s a stock investor.” I was amazed.

From that day forward I was 100% committed to investing in the stock market and learning everything I could about it.

That moment really locked in the fact that stocks were going to play a large role in my life going forward.

This wasn’t the first time I learned about the potential of stocks.

I remember years earlier my grandfather telling me that if I invested $10,000 in the stock market during my early 20’s it could be with over $1,000,000 by the time I was ready to retire.

Between that information and what I saw at this party, I was ready to learn!

I studied everything I could about stocks. Grabbed every book. Learned about all the great investors like Warren Buffett and Ben Graham.

Now, I did not become a millionaire over night or even in a couple years. In fact, I still haven't hit $1,000,000 yet, but I'm well on track to hit it in the future.

By the time I was 30 I had built a portfolio of $125,000 in stocks.

I'm going to show you how I invest and beat the average stock market returns. I don't make $100,000 a day like some investors may make with huge stock piles of cash. However, it is not uncommon for me to make around $3,000 on a good day through simple and relatively low risk investing.

If you want to make a quick $100,000 or something like that go elsewhere, but if you want to invest to make good steady returns that will make you a millionaire in time read on. I'll tell you how to do just that.

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