Break the Money Rules and Live Like Kings and Queens!

Sometimes you have to treat yourself. You can’t save every penny and expect to stay sane. Sometimes you have to break the rules and live like a King or Queen!

Break the Money Rules and Live Like Kings and Queens!

Break the Money Rules and Live Like Kings and Queens!

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Break the Money Rules and Live Like Kings and Queens!

I’ve been working hard to get you guys an awesome new Money Guide on Monday so unfortunately I missed this weeks deadline to get a new one out.

I’ll just say this one is all about money automation… Look for it on Monday!

I’ve got to tell you… my wife Krista turned 34 on Wednesday and we went to an amazing restaurant!

If you’re ever here in Cincinnati, you’ve got to check out Tony’s! It had some AMAZING steaks. 

We both got a big 14oz New York Strip. I normally go for the Filet Mignon but I ventured out to try something new and it was amazing as expected!

WARNING: This place is not cheap! In fact, the whole meal was about $130.. Plus I left the waitress a $25 tip, because they deserve it. They work hard and shouldn’t be stiffed on the tip if they did a good job.

You may be thinking, this guy is always talking about how to manage money better and here he is blowing $155 on a dinner!

The thing I really want you to take away from this story is, it's ok to live like king and queens every once in a while.

So what this means to you in your life is, don't spend your entire life hoarding every penny away for a distant future and never enjoying your money. That is a sure fire recipe for a money failure.

Make sure you set aside money in your budget to LIVE and ENJOY your life TODAY too!

So here's your next step as it relates to what I just shared: Join Money Badass Academy 2.0 so you can learn how to manage your money and have the money to live like a Kings / Queens on those special days!

Talk to you soon!

Dave | Let’s Automate Your Money

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