7 Secret Tools To Automate Your Money

Want to automate your money and eliminate the wasted time and struggles with your money? In this guide I’m going to show you 7 Secret Tools To Automate Your Money! Check it out!

7 Secret Tools To Automate Your Money

7 Secret Tools To Automate Your Money

7 Secret Tools To Automate Your Money

There are a TON of great tools out there to help you automate your money. I’m going to show you my absolute favorite tools for money automation. Some cost money, but most of them don’t.

I’m also going to break it down by the Money Badass journey stages so you know which tool will align with which step in the journey you are at.

Here we go, these are my favorite tools for automating my money.

The Money Snapshot

The Money Snapshot is your dashboard for your financial life. Imagine if your money dashboard is automatically updating for you. It’s completely possible with the right tools.

Personal Capital


My absolute favorite tool for creating my Money Snapshot is Personal Capital.

With Personal Capital you can automatically pull in transactions and balances from all your financial accounts. (Most of them, there are some accounts that won’t integrate with Personal Capital unfortunately)

You’ll connect your bank accounts, physical assets, debts, investments, and any other financial account you have and then Personal Capital will do the heavy lifting.

It will connect to those accounts and update your balances for you so you don’t have to. This is an example of just some the magic of money automation with technology.

Your Net Worth will be automatically calculated for you on the fly.

All you have to do is the initial connection and then you will have an automated money dashboard to get an understanding of your money at a glance!

That is an automated Money Snapshot!

The Badass Budget

There is a TON of budgeting software out there. Apps, software, web apps, etc.

I’ve tried a lot of different ones but for me that absolute best budgeting software has always been You Need a Budget.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)


The only downside to You Need a Budget is the fact that it costs an annual fee. If you can afford it and are really serious about getting your budget under control. This is the app to get it. It truly is a great budgeting app.

They have a software version, a web version, and even an app version so you can take your budget with you anywhere.

You Need a Budget automatically connects to your checking account and even your credit card accounts to pull in all your transactions and apply them to your budget categories!

This is how it automates your budget. You simply have to review the transactions to verify they were categorized correctly.

I highly recommend checking out this app, it can be a game changer in your finances.

Conquering Your Bills and Debt

The best way to handle your bills and debt is automation, but the question is what technology can help you do that.

Thankfully there are now lots of options for automating those annoying bills. We’ve come a long way from the days of writing out checks and stuffing them into envelopes every month!

My app of choice is Simple.



Simple is an awesome banking app / website that has a bunch of automation features built right into it.

I love Simple. It’s a great bank and a great app. I use it to set aside money each month automatically and then make payments for all of my bills.

It’s totally automated, easy, and super convenient.

While Simple is awesome, it’s very likely your bank could do the same or similar automation. If you’re not ready to switch banks then check out your banks automatic bill payments features to see if they can automate your bills and debts.

It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. It eliminates a lot of stress and headaches from your life.

Saving Money Like a Badass

You’ve got to save money, but saving money isn’t the easiest thing to do so how do you automate it?

Luckily there are a bunch of apps just for this objective, but my absolute favorite is Digit.



Digit = thebomb.com. Translation = That means it is awesome. :)

Digit not only automates your money saving process, but it does it in a smart way. It detects your spending habits and balances to determine how much you can safely save.

You have control over all the details, but it’s impressive how much you can build up in savings without even thinking about it.

It has all the usual security and is FDIC insurance to protect your money. It’s perfect for building up your emergency fund or saving for short term financial goals.

Download the app and it will take saving money to a whole new level of fun.

Investing Money Like a Badass

Investing money doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. It’s not only for the rich.

Times are changing and the options are expanding. Automating investments isn’t totally hands off like other aspects of your money, but it is possible to an extent.

My favorite investing app is hands down Robinhood.



When I was younger investing cost a lot of upfront money to get started and lots of small fees every time you invested in a stock.

Due to Robinhood those days are gone. You can invest with as little money as you’d like and buy and sell your investments with absolutely no fees.

Transfer in some money from your bank and you’re on your way!

Robinhood offers investments in pretty much any stock or ETF.

The only downside is they don’t currently allow you to open IRA’s with them so you can only use them for personal investment accounts at this time.

Maxing Your Credit Score (And Tax Refunds Too!)

It use to be such a pain to get your credit score. You had to sign up at a certain website and there were all these websites trying to scam you out of money when you searched for it.

Just like everything else in money, technology is making it easier and faster for us. The credit score is no exception!

You can now pull your credit score anytime for free and it will not affect your credit score negatively like it use to.

My goto credit score app is Credit Karma.

Credit Karma


Credit Karma is another game-changing app that allows you to check your credit score totally free! They automatically update and track your credit score for you.

No more BS sites that charge you made up fees to check your credit score. With Credit Karma, you’re going to be able to check your score any time without affecting your credit score negatively.

Not only are you get your score, but you’re also getting a breakdown of how your score is being calculated so you know exactly what’s causing your score to go down or up.

Credit Karma has put the power back into the hands of people to allow you to know exactly how your credit score is being calculated and used.

On top of all that they have added free tax filing software. I’ve been using them for the last 2 years and love it!

Worth it for both taxes and credit scores!

Banking Like a Badass

I’ve said it many times before. If you’re still at an old school big bank, it’s time to switch.

We are going through a big banking change in which technology is again taking the power away from the big banks and giving it back to us.

My personal favorite is Simple.



Yep, I’m recommending Simple again.

Simple is a next generation bank and their app matches the experience. If you’re still using one of those old brick and mortar banks you’re probably still dealing with their old school fees.

Simple has done away with all that nonsense and makes banking, simple. :)

Seriously, it has been a game changer for my wife and I. We love Simple and highly recommend it over any of those old-school banks. The app is top notch as well. Saving money and paying bills couldn’t be easier. I can easily check my transactions and bills on the app. Love it.

Check it out, I really think you won’t be disappointed.

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