The Millennial's Guide to Money

I've got something great for you this week! I'm excited to announce my brand new course called, The Millennials Guide to Money. This course is designed to help millennials, brand new to personal finance and money management, kick start good financial habits that will change their lives for ever.

When I was just starting out, this is exactly what I needed and why I created it for all my millennial peers just getting started. This is what high schools and colleges should be teaching about personal finances. I previously had a free course just on debt, but realized after talking with millennials they needed more than that and this is my answer.

What your going to get is 100% free. We need to spread the word and teach all our millennial peers that there is a better way. Incomes are low and expenses are high. We graduate with ridiculous student loan, car loan, and credit card debt. There is a better way. Learn how in the course.

Sign up here to take the free 5 day email course experience and see how it can change your life. 


  • How to organize and simplify your money so you know where it all is and where it is going
  • How to automate your bills so you don't have to worry about them
  • How to create an automated plan to get out of debt for good
  • How to create a budget that actually works for you
  • How to invest successfully in your 401k
  • The best free tools out there to help you manage your money


  • A printable Money Roadmap for your office or home
  • A daily bite size lesson to guide you on your path to better financial habits
  • Actions steps that clearly define what you need to do
  • Free tools that will help you automate your money
  • Membership to the Let's Automate Your Money Community with the opportunity to win more free goodies every quarter

See you on the inside! 

Creator of Let's Automate Your Life

PS - Please share with your millennial peers and friends. Help spread the word so we can change as many lives as possible!