The Millennial's Guide to Money: Part 1 - How to Organize Your Money

Ready to finally get your money in order? Learn step-by-step how to gain control of your money and begin to build some wealth in this 6 part series!

The Millennial's Guide to Money - Part 1 - How to Organize Your Money

The Millennial's Guide to Money - Part 1 - How to Organize Your Money

PART 1 - How to Organize Your Money
PART 2 - How to Automate Your Bills
PART 3 - Automate and Eliminate Your Debt
PART 4 - Creating a Budget That Works for You
PART 5 - Invest in Your 401k
PART 6 - 10 Awesome Personal Finance Tips for Millennial's From the Experts


Welcome to the Millennial’s Guide to Money! I’m David Shepherd, the creator of Let’s Automate Your Life.

You can expect some awesome material over the next 6 weeks during this 6 week series designed to help you millennials learn everything you need to know to get your finances in order and begin building some wealth. 

You’ll learn each of the the first five steps to get your money under control and all the tools you’ll need to help you do it!

This step by step checklist will give you what you need to take the next step in your own life. Put it on your wall, on your desk, basically anywhere you’ll see it daily. This will help you follow along and keep your steps in your mind daily, so you don’t forget about your goal.


Yes, this series will help you take control of your money and begin to build wealth, but there is more to it than that.

For me, once I had eliminated my debt and began to build a financial cushion, it relieved my stress. Big time!

It’s hard to explain the sense of freedom you gain by not worrying about debt or living paycheck to paycheck. It gives you the money to spend on fun events with your family without worrying about money. The freedom to not worry about losing your job and the world crashing all around you.

It’s about more than money. It’s about freedom.

Alright, let’s get started!


Before starting anything else, you have to know where all of your money is. All your bank accounts, investments, debts, you name it!

Your money situation can get real ugly really fast if you haven’t been keeping tabs on it. If you’ve had a couple jobs already, you may have multiple retirement funds. Maybe you have a credit card or two. Car loan? Mortgage? Bank accounts?

The list can go on and on and get harder and harder to keep up with. This leads to you ignoring your financial situation and / or stressing out over all these accounts.

Don’t let this happen to you!

List out all your accounts and balances into two categories:


Bank Accounts
Rental Properties
Investment Accounts
Retirement Accounts


Car Loans
Credit Card Debt
Student Loans
Lines of Credit

Know exactly where all your money is and feel the stress begin to melt away! Now what if I told you that you could automate this process? You can!

There is a tool that can help you gather and pull all this information together. If you haven’t already downloaded the app or visited the website, check out Mint at It will track and update all this information for you in real time!

Mint -

Mint -

Sign up for Mint. You can either use the web version or download the app to your mobile device. Login and begin adding all of your accounts. Assets and loans.

Once you’ve added all of your accounts you’ll have a real time picture of your finances and what they look like.

It will also give you a real time breakdown of your net worth. Net worth is basically just Assets - Loans. This tells you how much money you actually have. You want to always be working to increase your net worth.

This week, take action on what you’ve learned! Here are some simple steps to begin implementing them in your own life.


List out all of your accounts
Sign up for Mint
Add all of your accounts to Mint


Next week, look for part 2 in which I’ll teach you how to automate your bill payments.

-David Shepherd | Creator of Let's Automate Your Life