How to Save Over $70 Dollars on Name Brand Clothing

Buying name brand clothes doesn't have to be expensive. In this article you'll learn how Krista and I buy name brand clothes for less that $1 each and save over $70 on a shopping trip!

How to Save Over $70 on Name Brand Clothes

My love, Krista, and I along with our wonderful kids all wear brand names clothes because we can get them super cheap! I didn’t know it was even possible until recently.

Krista was coming home weekly with clothes for herself, me, or the kids. These were all expensive brand name clothes for about $1 - $3 dollars each. I was totally amazed! She suggested I write a guide for my readers so they can save $100’s, if not $1,000’s on clothes each year too.

So without further ado, here is our guide on how to buy name brand clothes for next to nothing.

The $5 Shopping Trip Challenge

We decided to make this even more challenging and see how many name brand clothes she could get with only $5. Instead of just telling you how she gets them for so cheap, I thought I’d take you on a shopping trip with her so you can see how it works.

For this trip, Krista decides on one of her favorite thrift stores, Goodwill. Now some of you out there may be squirming and saying to yourself, “Eww, I’d never shop at a thrift store!” Hear me out.

The clothes she brings home are commonly brand new. Yes, never worn before. Others may have been worn but only briefly with no noticeable wear or tear. These are not raggedy garbage clothes. These are new or almost new brand name clothes for next to nothing!

Are you still with me? Good!

Each city or area is different. Look for a thrift store near you. Goodwill is a common one that is available across the country. Find one that works for you and your area.

Pro tip: Find one near a high-end neighborhood for some amazing deals. Affluent people often give their unused or barely used name brand clothes to their nearest thrift store.

Thrift store prices are generally insanely cheap as the merchandise comes from donations. Many clothes can be bought for less than $5. In addition to those insanely low prices, they often have insane sales on top of those prices!

When you walk in you should see a board like the picture below. So, you can see what is on sale that day before you start shopping. On this particular day, they had a sale on all kids clothes for $.99 each and all clothing with pink and yellow tags for $.99!

(They also have a free calendar that has their sales for every day of the week when you check out.)

First up, Krista grabs a pair of kids pants for girls for the low price of $.99. These are Kohl’s Mudd Jeans for girls size 12, normally $4.99 at Goodwill, but on sale today for $.99! The condition looks like new.

So we looked up what it would have cost to buy them today at Kohl’s and found that it would have cost $18.99! We just saved $18.00 on these pants alone so far.

Next up, Krista grabs a boy's sweatshirt with a hoodie on sale again for only $.99. Again it looks like brand new and it is a name brand Tony Hawk sweatshirt normally sold at Kohl's.

We looked on Kohl’s website and they were no longer selling this exact style of the sweatshirt, but they did have pretty much the same brand shirt and style with a different pattern to give us a reference point as to how much it would have cost.

So how much would this sweatshirt cost if we had got them at Kohls? $10.40 and that’s even on clearance! Can you believe that? That’s a saving of $9.41!

At the rate, the kids grow out of clothes I don’t see any reason to pay these full prices when we can get them for so much cheaper.

Ok, let’s keep going. Next, Krista pulls out a boys pair of pants that again look like new. These are Kohl’s Urban Pipeline boys pants size 12. On sale again for $.99!

We look it up on and find those pants listed on sale for $19.99. Again we’re getting these pants for $19.00 less!

Now we move onto the men’s section. I’m in need of some new pants so she starts hunting through the pants and pulls out a pair that looks like they basically came off the store shelf. These are Target’s Denizen from Levi’s.

Perfect size and again only $.99. We take a look at the Target website and find that these exact pant numbers are not being sold anymore but find a pretty much identical Denizen pants with a new number. These are selling for $24.99 and we expect these would sell for about the same price. A savings of $24.00!

With tax, we are now over $4 and with the sale listing everything at $.99 we do not have enough to get a fifth item. So off to the checkout line we go.

So to wrap it up here’s what Krista was able to get for $5 and how much it would have cost if bought at the original stores.

  1. Kohl’s Mudd Stretch Leggings for Girls: $.99

  2. Kohl’s Tony Hawk Hooded Tee for Boys: $.99

  3. Kohl’s Urban Pipeline Slim Jeans for Boys: $.99

  4. Target’s DENIZEN from Levi’s Straight Fit Jeans: $.99

Krista went ahead and donated the leftover change to charity to make it an even $5. Not only did she get 4 awesome name brand pieces of clothing, she helped the veterans! So here is the final receipt:

Four awesome brand name clothes for less than $5.00! So next we calculated how much it would have cost to get all this at the original stores even with some of them on clearance and sale.

  1. Kohl’s Mudd Stretch Leggings for Girls: $18.99 on sale

  2. Kohl’s Tony Hawk Hooded Tee for Boys: $10.40 on clearance

  3. Kohl’s Urban Pipeline Slim Jeans for Boys: $19.99 on sale

  4. Target’s DENIZEN from Levi’s Straight Fit Jeans: $24.99 regular price

That all comes out to a total of: $74.37

We paid: $3.96

We saved: $70.41!

Check out what we got:

$3.96 for 4 awesome pieces of name brand clothing versus $74.37! Which one would you rather do? I know I’m sticking with the thrift stores from now on. Not only can you save on clothing you can save on other things also like purses, curtains, dishes, and decorations. Try it out! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the treasures you’ll find!