13 Income Streams You Can Start Now

13 Income Streams You Can Start Now

13 Income Streams You Can Start Now

13 Income Streams You Can Start Now

So you want to make more money? You want to reach financial freedom fast? How do you that?

Create new income streams!

Multiple income streams is even better. This is how the rich build wealth and you can do it too.

There are passive and active income streams. Passive streams allow you to make money while you are not actively working. Active income streams require you to trade your time for money.

Active is the easiest and fastest way to get started, but passive income is what you’ll need to eventually build to reach financial freedom.

Here are 13 active and passive income stream ideas for you to begin building your own income streams:

  1. Create a course and sell it on Udemy

  2. Buy and hold dividend earning stocks with Robinhood

  3. Sell another persons product through affiliate marketing

  4. Lend money to others through peer to peer lending like Prosper

  5. Google ads on your website

  6. Create a course with Teachable and sell on your own website

  7. Write a book and sell it through Amazon self publishing

  8. Make Youtube videos and receive money for the ads

  9. Buy and hold growing stocks with Robinhood

  10. Buy and rent out a rental property

  11. Invest in real estate passively with a REIT

  12. Create a eBook and sell it on a website

  13. Create a blog and monetize it with ads, affiliate marketing, or even your own products

  14. Sell your own digital or physical creations on Etsy

  15. If you have a professional skill, sell your service on a site like Fiverr

  16. Start an online store with Shopify and resell products with a markup

  17. Sell items you find for cheap at stores, garage sales, or auctions with a markup on Ebay

  18. Rent out a part or your entire house with Airbnb

  19. Drive people with Uber and Lyft

There are tons of way to start building you own passive income! Which once could you start now? What other ideas do you have?