David Shepherd, Krista, and the kids

David Shepherd, Krista, and the kids

Remember that kid at school who would sell other kids candy? That was me.. :)

I seemed to be naturally good with money, but adulthood set in and I fell into the same trap as most new adults.

I left our "wonderful" college system in over $80,000 of debt. Between student loans, car loans, and credit card debt I was drowning.

I was raising two small children and living off a tiny salary even with a bachelors degree in Finance and Accounting. I felt like my job wasn't fulfilling and my salary was even worse.

Fortunately, I took that bad situation and used it to my advantage.

I learned everything I could about money and I decided I wanted to help others do the same.

I started Money Badass in 2015 to share my success with others.

Now here I am teaching millennials how to be a Money Badass. Life couldn't be better!

Enjoy the site!

David Shepherd

David Shepherd


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